Back Massage

The future of preventative health & wellness has arrived!

Optimal Health and Wellness, formerly Sculpted Beauty of Bonita Springs.  Over 25 years of Health and Body Work experience.  

Optimal Health and Wellness will answer any questions you may have regarding your health along with any questions to IV therapy and this new alternative to traditional liposuction.  We also can assist you with your skin care needs along with our day spa services, such as massage, pain management and our new infra-red PEMF therapy.

Special discounts for all FIRST RESPONDERS and Lee County School District employees.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy 

Vitamin IV Infusion Therapy.  Recharge your mind, Rehydrate your body and Revamp  your life.

Massage Therapy 

Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate. 


Skin Care 

Cleanse, Exfoliate, hydrate  for younger glowing skin.


Pain Management 

Class IV Medical Laser to reduce Pain and Inflammation.  Reduces scar tissue and loosens congested fascia and muscle tension.

PEMF Therapy 

Time to rethink  your Health.   ALL CELL IS CELL HEALTH.   Our cells need some assistance to  be fully charge to combat viruses and disease.  

Healthy Food

Nutrition / Weight Loss

 Are you ready to achieve your optimal weight and stay there.  We have a proven program to do just that and also MIC injections to help.